Hi, my name is Sara, and I'm a writer.

Happened upon this statue in Segovia, Spain, immediately after buying a copy of Goblet of Fire, in which Harry, too, encounters a sphinx. Coincidence... or magic?

I didn't always consider myself one, though I've been familiar with the exhilaration of getting lost in filling blank pages for almost my entire life. I didn't think I had enough talent or a voice that mattered, but I'm starting to come around.

So I've set out to
write a novel. It will hopefully become the first in a series following criminal psychologist Avery Baxter and FBI agent Erica Chen as they investigate crimes around Texas. Just to keep them on their toes, I'm throwing a little paranormal activity their way. And a little fact about me that may or may not be relevant here: Slow-building, will-they-or-won't-they relationships are basically my favorite thing ever....

That's all I'm willing to share about the book for now, but here's more about me:

Home is: With my wife and cats, who currently reside in Austin

Favorite job I've had aside from writing: Barista

Cats or dogs: Both, what kind of monster do you take me for?

What about birds? Tiny flying dinosaurs that more people should be afraid of. I'm pretty sure the Hitchcock movie was a documentary.

Most essential food: Enchiladas

Favorite author: J.K. Rowling. I'm an unapologetic grown-ass adult obsessed with Harry Potter. I didn't even read the series until I was 29. Harry, like me, feels like an imposter, carrying the weight of what he considers unearned hopes and expectations on his shoulders. I also lost a parent in my youth, so I relate to him a lot, and I find the writing about grief and love both beautiful and comforting. I also enjoy the Cormoran Strike series, so J.K. wins all around.

**Update, June 2020: While the books mentioned above are immeasurably important to me, I'd like to make very clear that I find J.K. Rowling's views and comments regarding transgender people to be abhorrent and beyond disappointing. In thinking about someone else whose work has profoundly affected me for the better, my new answer is Stephen Sondheim. Not a writer of prose, but a brilliant lyricist, composer, and observer of human behavior all the same. By accounts of people who've worked with him, I think he's a decent person? Do we ever really know? We do if you repeatedly say dumb shit on Twitter, which to my knowledge, he has not.

Other identifiers: Hufflepuff, Aquarius, Turbulent Mediator (INFP-T)

Why don't your "what I'm reading" books change very often? I read painfully slowly.

Why do you keep talking about your mental health? Because it's been a challenge my entire adult life and a fundamental part of who I am. And while it's become a much more common topic for people to discuss and write about openly in the last few years, I still feel the need to stand up for the 18 year old I once was whose struggles were looked upon with shame or ignored completely, all because no one but a lifesaving therapist was willing to talk about it. I don't want anyone else to experience that; the only way to normalize is to vocalize.

Any other obsessions? Musicals. Parks and Rec. Cat jump fails.